Lighthouse Awards

The Stratford Community Fund’s mission of fostering the spirit of community shines brightly as the organization honors members of the community who have demonstrated a commitment to volunteerism and to making Stratford, and its surrounding communities, a better place to live, work and visit. Aptly called the “Lighthouse Awards,” this unique and prestigious recognition has proven a wonderful way to say thank you to those who act as a guiding light to others throughout the community.


Here is the general criterion the SCF uses when selecting the Lighthouse Award recipients:

  • The nominee must live, work or volunteer in Stratford
  • The nominee should serve as an example and role model to others throughout Stratford
  • The nominee should exude good character, moral values and positivity
  • The nominee should demonstrate outstanding volunteerism and commitment to community that goes above and beyond the typical call of duty
  • The bulk of the nominee’s efforts should go above and beyond the requirements of their full time or part time job (if applicable)
  • The nominee should have demonstrated the above commitment over a sustained period of time (i.e. not a onetime project)
  • The nominee should represent the SCF’s mission of fostering the spirit of community by empowering others to reach their personal, professional, philanthropic and public service aspirations. 
  • The nominee cannot have served on the Stratford Community Fund Board within the last two years


Previous Lighthouse Award Recipients

Please join the Stratford Community Fund in congratulating its previous Lighthouse Award recipients. These individuals and organizations serve as beacons of character, commitment and community:

  • Jean Babis (2010)
  • Bessie & Kenneth Burton (2007)
  • Evelyn Clough (2010)
  • Christina Dina (2007)
  • Mary Hardy (2007)
  • Vince Hardy (2008)
  • William Janega (2010)
  • The Honorable F. Paul Kurmay (2008)
  • Bishop Anthony Kopka (2008)
  • Carol Lovell (2008)
  • Sharon Lyman (2010)
  • Katherine & George O’Connor (2007)
  • Tony Ribeiro (2007)
  • Vera Rozarie (2008)
  • Sterling House Community Center (2008)
  • Square One Theatre Company (2010)


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Your charitable gift to the Stratford Community Fund ensures that the SCF will continue to support deserving projects and organizations dedicated to Stratford, CT and its surrounding communities. The SCF strives to assist residents of the greater Stratford community in fulfilling their personal, professional, philanthropic and public service aspirations.


Regardless of amount, each donation makes an impact. The financial support of the community enables the Stratford Community Fund to continue to work toward the goals of recognizing outstanding community members; improving the physical environment of Stratford and surrounding communities; fostering the intellectual and creative development of the diverse population of the greater Stratford community; and encouraging public generosity and community spirit.


Meet the 2016 Lighthouse Award Recipients.


View the 2016 Lighthouse Award Program.


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Contributing to the Stratford Community Fund

To contribute to the Stratford Community Fund, please mail a check (paid to the order of Stratford Community Fund, Inc.) to:


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The Stratford Community Fund, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the sole source of financial support for the Community Fund is the bequests and contributions of Stratford residents and businesses. The organization does not directly solicit donations, but welcomes the community's generosity as the size of the endowment impacts the scope, quantity and quality of the grants and awards it issues. All donations made to the Stratford Community Fund are tax deductible.